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The Benefits of Sleeping Without a Pillow That Turns Out to be Healthier

Everyone's sleep habits are different. There are people who like to sleep with a pillow and vice versa without a pillow. Sleeping using a pillow or not both have their respective health impacts. 

So what are the benefits of sleeping without a pillow?

Here are some of the benefits of sleeping without a pillow:

1. Supports back and neck health

So that the sleeping position can be neutral, then the head should not be given a pillow. This makes sleep more leverage and no back pain the next day.

The use of pillows that are too soft causes the neck muscles to stretch. In addition, this type of pillow can interfere with blood flow to the brain and reduce airflow to the respiratory system.

Sleeping with a pillow that is too soft makes you feel pain in the back and in the long run damage the spine.

2. Make sleep more sound

Sleeping with a pillow is still good as long as you use a pillow that is suitable and not too soft. Pillows that are too soft make the back and neck muscles hurt. Poor sleep quality can interfere with body health because sleep is the body's main need to restore energy.

3. Maintain facial skin health

In addition to nourishing the back, sleeping without a pillow can help maintain healthy facial skin. The head pressure on the pillow puts pressure on the skin. This generally happens when you sleep on your side.

The pores of the facial skin do not get a chance to breathe and increase the amount of sweat that comes out and fat accumulation occurs on the face.

While the accumulation of fat on the face can be the cause of acne. Acne problems will get worse when you rarely wash your pillowcases. (hellohealth)