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The Right Steps to Overcome Pain and Itching Due to Fire Ant Bites

Of course, you are very annoyed when you are bitten by a fire ant. The reason is, the bite of this insect can cause a strong stinging sensation as well as annoying itching. The fire ant bite does release a different type of poison from ordinary ants. In fact, in some people, these insect bites can cause serious allergies. Find out the first aid for dealing with a reaction due to a fire ant bite in the following review.

Why do fire ant bites need to be treated quickly?

The fire ant or red ant is a species of ant belonging to the genus Solenopsis.

The poison that comes from the bite of the fire ant contains a mixture of 46 proteins.

After being bitten, the effects of toxins in the body usually make the skin undergo a number of reactions such as:
  • reddish,
  • itchy rash,
  • burning sensation, and
  • bumps or swelling.
The reaction to a red ant bite usually begins with a very strong stinging sensation, such as a burning sensation or sensation after being pinched. These symptoms may be accompanied by itching.

Although it only lasts for a short time, the itching from these insect bites then reappears but is more intense so that you can't bear to scratch.

If you keep scratching the bite mark, the symptoms will only get stronger and can lead to skin irritation leading to blisters.

Dangerous symptoms of fire ant bites

There is a study from the Journal Proteome Research which shows that the venom from fire ants can affect the function of the nervous system.

In fact, the poison of this insect can make a person hallucinate. Generally, this condition does not require any specific medical treatment and will go away on its own.

In certain cases, fire ant bite marks will swell accompanied by quite extreme itching.

The swelling will continue to grow for 1-2 days and is hot and painful to the touch.

In addition, serious allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis can occur although this is very rare.

If this happens, you need to provide first aid for allergies by seeking medical help as soon as possible.

In some people this reaction may not appear immediately after biting.

Therefore, red ant bites should be treated immediately if you do not want serious complications to occur.

First aid for fire ant bites

For most people, they do not need medical treatment to treat this problem.

With just a few medicines that you can get at home, you can relieve the annoying symptoms of being bitten by fire ants.

Here are ways you can do to deal with the pain of fire ant bites.
  1. Wash the area bitten by fire ants with soap and water. After cleaning the wound, cover the bite mark with a bandage.
  2. Avoid using alcohol to clean the affected area because it can sting more.
  3. Compress with ice for 20 minutes and remove for another 20 minutes. This aims to reduce swelling at the bite area.
  4. Apply hydrocortisone cream as a medicine to reduce itching from being bitten by fire ants.
  5. Apply an antibiotic ointment such as bacitracin 3 times on the affected area. This aims to prevent infection in the bite wound that has been scratched.
  6. Soak in oatmeal to reduce itching.
  7. Use essential oils for the skin, such as lavender, to relieve pain and swelling. Lavender has properties that are calming and reduce inflammation making it effective for treating fire ant bites.
  8. Apply aloe vera gel to relieve itching while soothing the irritated part of the skin on the bite mark.
  9. Take an antihistamine (allergy medicine) if the allergic reaction is mild and the itching from being bitten by a fire ant does not subside.

When should I see a doctor?

Although it seems trivial and easy to deal with, being bitten by fire ants can actually cause quite serious symptoms, you know!

Well, if you experience the signs below, please visit the nearest emergency room for more intensive wound care:
  • out of breath,
  • severe swelling,
  • lose consciousness,
  • chest pain,
  • cold sweats and vomiting, and
  • the bite mark is in the mouth.
The remedy when you are bitten by a fire ant is actually easy, that is, try not to panic.

If you are bitten by any insect, including fire ants or red ants, try to wash the affected area with soap.

After that, then you can rub it with an ointment or cream that can relieve pain and itching.