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Increase Children's Immunity in the Midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Until now, the Covid-19 pandemic is still not over. Therefore, everyone is advised to stay at home, including with children. All daily activities are required to be carried out at home, including for work, study, play, and other activities.

Even though we are at home now, everyone, including children, of course, must stay healthy. So for the health of children, parents must still be able to maintain the health and endurance of their children.

Because this is also an effort to prevent the spread of the corona virus. With this, the children stay healthy and also can still have fun activities at home.

The spread of the corona virus can be suppressed so that it does not make us sick if everyone's immune conditions are strong.

How to Increase Children's Endurance

Then how to increase the child's immune system, especially in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic? Here are some ways that can be done:

1. Light Exercise at Home

Children should be invited to do light exercise by moving around the house, for example by inviting them to dance while singing and clapping their hands.

2. Eat Nutritious Food

Make sure that children eat nutritious and nutritious food 3 times a day, for example, give rice as a source of carbohydrates, side dishes as a source of protein, vegetables and fruit.

3. Get Enough Rest

When during the day or evening while playing or studying and the child feels sleepy, the child can sleep for 1 to 2 hours. And when night falls, make sure the kids don't sleep too late.

4. Give Additional Vitamins

In addition to providing nutritious and full of nutrients to children, it is also advisable to provide vitamins that have the following main benefits:
  • Children's appetite enhancer.
  • Improve children's appetite.
  • Maintain the child's immune system.
  • Maintain children's health.
That's how to increase a child's immune system, especially in the midst of this covid-19 pandemic, hopefully it will be useful.